I’m an artist, writer, naturalist, creative food-as-medicine cook, wife, earth mother and owned Thyme in the Garden in Massachusetts for many years.   I was in the business of growing herbs, vegetables, designing custom dried flower arrangements, making potpourri, teaching organic principles and care of the earth to whoever would listen.   I grew up barefoot and beaching it in both Miami and coastal Massachusetts, hiking the woods with family, learning about wildflowers, berries, natural growing and gardens from my dad.   Both of my parents, George and Tommy (for Thomasina) were great cooks with the emphasis on whole foods and great recipes and our palette of foods was not limited.  My father’s family is Swedish; my grandmother Frida came from Gothenburg, Sweden and we all had the benefit of her fabulous cooking especially pies and fruit pudding.  She even invented “Swedish” macaroni and cheese for Christmas smorgasbord which my family loves (more about that later). 

Though my home has been Massachusetts for over 40 years, my husband and I have had the pleasure of wintering on the east coast of Florida for the last 10 years.  The other 8 months I operate the Fresh Thyme Design Studio in Massachusetts; mixed media art classes, acrylics and above all, fun!   In the earlier years I also did my stint working in radio and corporate America.

My husband’s maturity onset diabetes and my mid-life thyroid issues sent me into lots of research and the use of food for healing; wanting of course, to do things as naturally as possible.  I shop the perimeters of the supermarket and make just about everything from scratch which pays off big time in its health benefits and really is quite simple to do.  We enjoy all foods with the emphasis on what creates genuine health. 

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