I'm a some-time writer and housewife who only became interested in cooking, real cooking, in the past 10 years or so.  The purchase of Julia Childs's two volumes of the cook's Bible has inspired me to learn taste and technique and really enjoy food that doesn't have a can of Campbell's soup dumped on it. If you haven't invested a day in a dish it's not worth eating, and that goes for French cooking or a pot of beans.  

I grew up with my maternal grandmother who fried everything, and my mother who tried to provide a wholesome meal from frozen foods and canned vegetables.  Since I was the youngest of three, I was usually just shooed out of the kitchen until it was time to do the dishes.

Being over 50 means to me that I am from that mid-century generation which was raised on ladies' magazine recipes featuring new and unique ways to use Jello, new convenience foods and school cafeteria basics. Tulsans my age can look back fondly on plate lunches of meatloaf and gravy, macaroni and cheese, breaded fish filets, and the ubiquitous 'bean chowder.'  (Is it chili?  Is it soup?  Is it stew?)  People from my school district still fall asleep and dream about the incredible, enormous, sweet icing covered cinnamon rolls and something called "Wacky Cake" which was a swirled together yellow and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Most of all I love sharing my love of cooking with others.  My love of the Internet includes the fact that one can find 100 recipes for every dish, even the ones nobody is thought to have heard of.  Pass the Chex Mix, please.

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  1. Have you tried the new Caramel Chex Mix recipe? Wunnerful~~